Why Don’t Catholics Carry Bibles To Church?

This is an interesting post on a topic that, I dare say, most cradle Catholics are ignorant of, carrying the Bible to Church. For most Protestants, it would be nearly unthinkable to go to church, at any time, at not have a Bible with you. It’s appropriate for them, maybe not so important for Catholics, but the important question is why.
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NB — this past week, I’ve been back at work part-time, helping on a project that had been suspended at the time I retired. Thus, posting has not been what I had planned. Should be back at it next week.

The Reflective Revert

If you watched the History Channel’s The Bible series, you might not have noticed that there was something missing in the last episode.  The Apostles were spreading the Gospel far and wide even as they encountered much persecution and opposition.  The number of Christians was growing substantially.  Paul of Tarsus was shown disrupting Christians as they participated in The Lord’s Supper (Mass), and inciting the crowds to murder Saint Steven.  After his conversion, Paul was shown visiting various parts of the world and preaching to them.  What was not shown were Christians carrying Bibles around.  That’s because the Bible did not yet exist (only Old Testament scrolls existed).  Nevertheless, the Gospel was being preached and people were being converted.

It is ironic that, when people start new churches and make attempts to recreate the environment of the first Christians, they bring their Bibles with them.  The first Christians had no Bibles…

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