A Creative Vocation

Icon of the Pentecost

“Most important of all – Man’s creative vocation to prepare, consciously, the ultimate triumph of Divine Wisdom.  Man, the microcosm, the heart of the universe, is the one who is called to bring about the fusion of cosmic and historic processes in the final invocation of God’s wisdom and love.  In the name of Christ and by his power, Man has a work to accomplish – to offer the cosmos to the Father, by the power of the Spirit, in the Glory of the Word.  Our life is a powerful Pentecost in which the Holy Spirit, ever active in us, seeks to reach through our inspired hands and tongues into the very heart of the material world created to be spiritualized through the work of the Church, the Mystical Body of the Incarnate Word of God.”  Thomas Merton

In the face of all that is going on in this world today, the onslaught of gay marriage, NBA players announcing they’re gay (getting congratulatory calls from the President, no less), nude protesters at a major university dressing (I don’t quite know how) like the pope, Catholics are going to have to be more creative than ever to bring the Word of God back to this world.

It used to be that such outlandish things were done mostly for the shock value; an effort to upset the old fogies who think that marriage is between a man and a woman and that there is such a thing as God and culture.  But now it’s more than just an effort at achieving the maximum shock value.  Dare I say it’s blatant evidence that there is, indeed, evil in the world and that it’s goal is to destroy any capacity man has to respond to the good?  Screwtape would be proud.  But Merton is right, it is our responsibility as Catholic Christians to imaginatively oppose this, to pray for the inspiration to reactivate the work of the Church and show the world the way to the Truth and to salvation.  Sad to say, the job gets harder with every passing day, but we know which side must win in the end.

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