Every Thought

Thomas Merton (1915-1968)

I discovered something the other day whilst reading the day’s selection from A Year With Thomas Merton, readings of excerpts from his journals — the man really did write down every thought he ever had.  I read that once in a magazine article about him but thought nothing of it, yet it’s absolutely true.  The thing that is so maddening though is that nearly everything he wrote is worth reading; it just drives me nuts, how does he do it?  That day’s selection, for example, is about his experience praying in the woods:

“Since Easter was early we are already on the threshold of Pentecost.  Yesterday, in bright, blazing sun, we planted cabbage seedlings in the garden and, over the way, I could hear them mowing hay in Saint Joseph’s field, where probably tomorrow we will all be loading wagons.

Every time I have been in the woods to pray I have loved them more.” I don’t know, for some reason,

I just think that’s pretty neat.  OK, I’ll leave you alone now.

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6 thoughts on “Every Thought

  1. I have read much of Merton’s writings. Very EVERYMAN kind of stuff. Though I am not a man or a monk, his writings echo so much of what I have inside of me, spiritually. He looks at everything as if for the first time and always through the eyes of of a God created being. One of my favorites is March 29 when he talks about the EASTER blest fire.

    1. Terry Thanks for the comment. I know what you mean about Merton; I’m perplexed by him in some ways, but whenever I turn to one of his books or the Year with Merton, something usually manages to strike a chord with me also. I missed the entry for March 29 but will read it now, for sure. God Bless


  2. I have not read this one, and haven’t read Merton in a long while…I will certainly look into this one. What an inspirational quote above is. We SO DO need to look and keep looking for everything nature holds that is God’s own. Just like when we read the Scriptures, every time we read a familiar passage, something new reveals itself.
    Love the idea of given well-loved books to be read.

    1. Thank you for the like and for following the blog.

      It seems to be something that Merton does often — writing about day to day things and seeing God in the midst of them.

      You’ll enjoy the book, I recommend it.

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