Are You Looking for a 4G God?

Please, slow down and take a few minutes to read this wonderfully insightful post from Deus solus.

Deus solus

In this age where speed of communication is everything, where instant gratification is a bit slow, where people are obsessed with knowing what they will soon know before they could ever know it before, we have a problem.    God does not work that way; in fact, He is 1G  as in the one and only G that matters.

Many of you are likely too old to remember the good old days when waiting was truly part of life.  You waited for a desired movie to come out, saw it, and then waited for it to come out in theaters again a decade later.  You were waiting for an important phone call, lived your life, and waited until the call caught you at home ( and not in the bathroom) because the phone was in your home and it was attached by a cord to the wall.  You took an…

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