Cheating – Again!

This is a 7 Quick Takes post as hosted by Jennifer at the wwwwwwwwwblog.


Hey Pay Attention

Now that I’ve got your attention . . .
I had promised myself that I would do a proper post this week and get into the habit of doing at least one a week. I like doing these Quick Takes, but I feel guilty and somehow like I’m engaging in blog cheating of some sort. However, retired life has been so hectic that I haven’t had a proper amount of time to sit down and devote semi-serious concentration on doing such a thing. Maybe next week.
We are getting rain, and more rain, and more rain. Many parts of town are experiencing some amount of flooding, never a good thing. The problem comes when the rain falls in large amounts in a short time, it hits the burn scars and just runs right off. The torrents can, in some places, sweep cars and people right off the road. On the other hand, we desperately needed the moisture, the entire state has suffered from the drought over the last two or three years. Maybe this will cut down on the fire danger next year. Please pray for those killed and whose homes were lost or damaged in the floods.
They are having a custom car show at Memorial Park on Saturday and I may head down there to try to get some pictures. I’ve always found it hard to get good pictures of old cars and I haven’t even tried in a long time, but I think I’ll give it a shot (no pun intended!).

There’s a new speed monitoring device on one of the busier roads near the house. It aggravates me no end. I look on the thing as a form of intimidation, a sort of big brother thing. I feel there are too many, way too many, electronic do dads in our lives as it is. I have a speedometer in my car that works perfectly well — I know how fast I’m going. I don’t need the city to tell me.
In a related item, I’ve discontinued my cell phone service. I feel liberated. Oh, I still have a rather primitive cell phone on a prepaid plan that I’ll carry around for emergency’s sake, but the iPhone is now history. It struck me the other day that I was paying for who knows how many minutes, texts, terra bytes of data, and other service that I was never using. That’s dumb. The home land line is the service I most use and I wouldn’t know how to send a text message if my life depended on it.
The thing that bothers me most is why, once I realized I was being stupid, I still hesitated to give up the iPhone. Why do we all feel we simply must be “connected” and have the latest technology? I’ve spent most of my life free of such things and was much happier.
I guess I’m done, said all I can say, and am ready for a quiet weekend. Maybe we won’t have such heavy rains. And, I’ll make every effort to do a real post next week — no cheating! Yes, I will.


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