Enlighten Our Darkness

John Henry NewmanI’ve started a study of Blessed Cardinal Newman and am beginning to find him a fascinating person with some ideas that many people today would find difficult to swallow.  Sometimes those kinds of ideas are just what’s needed in this confused world we live in.  It would do much good to understand that we are quite prone to self deceit now and then.

Prayer for the Light of Truth – John Henry Newman

“O my God, I confess that Thou canst enlighten my darkness. I confess that Thou alone canst. I wish my darkness to be enlightened. I do not know whether Thou wilt: but that Thou canst and that I wish, are sufficient reasons for me to ask, what Thou at least hast not forbidden my asking. I hereby promise that by Your grace which I am asking, I will embrace whatever I at length feel certain is the truth, if ever I come to be certain. And by Your grace I will guard against all self-deceit which may lead me to take what nature would have, rather than what reason approves.”


2 thoughts on “Enlighten Our Darkness

    1. Actually, I had started reading a new book by Fr Schall, Reasonable Pleasures. Next up, though, is Newman’s Apologia pro Vita Sua for re-reading. Newman is interesting and I feel like I’ve a lot to learn from him. He touches on many more concerns I have in common with him than I thought.

      Thank you for your comment.

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