St Albert the Great – Doctor of the Church

Today is the feast of St Albert the Great, a doctor of the Church and one of the faculty at, I believe, the University of Paris who greatly influenced St Thomas Aquinas. Happy feast day to all Dominicans out there.

Here are a couple of quotes from St Albert:

image‘I have never gone out to mingle with the world without losing something of myself.’

‘The truly humble man fears only that some honor might be shown him; and if such a thing should happen to him, he is interiorly alarmed and distressed at it; he compares himself with no one, neither his superiors, his inferiors, nor yet with his equals, for he esteems himself the last of all. He despises no one but himself; he desires ardently to be despised by all the world, and sincerely rejoices in contempt. Such a man fears no dishonor, because he loves no honor.’

Since I’ve retired I have come to feel much like the sentiment expressed in the first quote; I’m quite happy to be a little more separated from the world and the sometimes silly things that go on in it.


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