I’m Baaaaack!!!!

I'm Back

A 7 Quick Takes Post


I’m baaaaack!!  How’s that for a Valentine’s Day greeting?


I’ve taken a long, unexplained, hiatus but have now returned to the blog. There are a lot of reasons I’ve been away. I was vaguely unhappy with the blog and what I was doing with it but uncertain of why and which direction to go to become not so vaguely unhappy with it. Even more, I’ve been unhappy with Pope Francis and made even more discontent by much of what’s been going on in the Catholic blogosphere. A third reason is

To find solutions, I’ve experimented with different, new, anonymous blog formats and was even less happy with those. Instead, I thought I’d try to reimagine (I hate that term but there’s nothing for it) this blog, do a few tweaks to this site incorporating some of the things I learned from those other efforts and see what happens. I’ve also decided to chose more carefully the Catholic blogs I read in the future.

I have to admit, though, I’m not at all certain about coming back even now and reserve the right to take a little more time to determine where the blog goes in the future.


It looks like out Valentine festivities may be a little limited this year, I seem to have either pulled a ligament or tendon in my foot or broken a small bone in it while working out earlier this week. I’m trying to stay off it as much as possible for a day or two.


I see that Mr Forgette at the Literature & Angels has noted that only something like 4% or less of the bloggers who do 7 Quick Takes posts are male. I’ve noticed a trend over the last few months, perhaps only in my imagination, that the majority of Catholic blogs are written by those of the feminine persuasion. Not that that’s a bad thing, but the trend seems very pronounced. Can it be that men have nothing more to say? Or can’t they get a word in edgewise?


I haven’t watched more than 5 minutes of these Olympics and can’t say I miss it. We have been watching the British TV show Sherlock and enjoying it immensely.


I wonder if tattoos are still as popular as they have been over the last few years?


One thing I’ve done since November, and kept doing it, is writing an average of 800 words a day using my iPad and the Pages app. I’ve never done anything so faithfully in the past and have amazed myself that the thing has become a habit. I hope it improves the writing.


My thanks once again to Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary for hosting these 7 Quick Takes posts and remind you that there are many other fine posts to be found there each week.


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