Bad Habits

A 7 Quick Takes Post


It’s still taking some effort for me to get back into the routine of writing and posting here. I have come across a lot of interesting things to write about but can’t seem to get myself to sit down and write about them.

Habits are strange things and the experts agree they take some time and effort to form. I was in the habit of writing here on a fairly regular basis, but stopped for some three or for weeks. I guess I formed the habit of not writing by not actually doing anything. Who knew?


imageIt appears that a New Zealand band, The Naked and the Famous, is a popular band here in Colorado, i.e. it’s more popular here than in any other state. Also, there were 56 new permitted breweries here in Colorado last year. Colorado, together with California and Washington, accounted for one-third of all new permitted breweries in the country. Maybe that accounts for the popularity of The Naked and the Famous. As for myself, I never heard of them; I’m so out of touch.


Lent is upon on and I’m going to make a greater effort to follow the observances I set out for myself; a little stricter on the fasting, more disciplined about the Lenten reading and such. I’m not bragging, I’m a terrible wimp, but it seems every year there’s greater need for prayer and penance for the old world we live in.


Terry of the Abbey-Roads blog had a good post this week on the Mass and the Reform of the Reform. One salient point he made is that, if celebrated in accordance with the rubrics, the Mass in the Ordinary Form is a valid Mass; it is a mistake to think that the Extraordinary Form is somehow better or more valid than the OF liturgy. Such thinking is, it seems to me, only a source of further division within the Church.

On the other hand, there is this from Fr Mark of Silverstream Priory:

“I respect those priests and layfolk who continue to believe in “the reform of the reform”. I honour their devotion and perseverance but, from where I stand and at this point in my life, I think their energy misplaced. Life is short. I can no longer advise others to devote the most productive years of their life to patching up a building that was, manifestly, put up with haste during a boom in frenzied construction; it has shifting foundations, poor insulation, defective fixtures, and a leaky roof. Right next door, there is another old house, comely, solidly built, and in good repair. It may need a minor adjustment here or there, but it is a house in which one feels at home and in which it is good to live, and it is there that I choose to live out my days. If others choose to live in the “fix–up” next door, I can only wish them well, confident that we can live as good neighbours all the same, with frequent chats over the fence in the back garden, exchanging insights, and perhaps even learning something from one another.”

In the face of such views, those of us unable to easily participate in the Latin Mass must somehow carry on the best we can.


On the third hand, maybe there is only one thing that is important. St John Chrysostom sums it up nicely:

“He came also into the house of the publican Matthew. What then did this man also do? He first adorned himself by his readiness, and by his leaving all, and following Christ.

So also Cornelius adorned his house with prayers and alms; wherefore even unto this day it shines above the very palace. For the vile state of a house is not in vessels lying in disorder, nor in an untidy bed, nor in walls covered with smoke, but in the wickedness of them that dwell therein. And Christ showeth it, for into such a house, if the inhabitant be virtuous, He is not ashamed to enter; but into that other, though it have a golden roof, He will never enter. So that while this one is more gorgeous than the palace, receiving the Lord of all, that with its golden roof and columns is like filthy drains and sewers, for it contains the vessels of the devil.”


“The greatest honor we can give Almighty God is to live gladly because of the knowledge of his love.”

― Julian of Norwich


I am now suffering from a cold, the first I’ve had this winter season and it comes on just when I was beginning to feel a bit smug about not getting sick this year. I was convinced I was being especially smart and careful about avoiding germs. Perhaps it came to remind me the trap of pride is an easy one to fall into. I’ve started with the Cold-Eze, an essential for me when I feel one of these things coming on, but I’m not sure I got to it in time.

I hope you stay healthy and enjoy reading other Quick Takes posts at the Conversion Diary blog.


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