I Worry

WorryI worry about this blog sometimes.  When I set it up, I had in mind the idea that it would present my view of the day to day life of a Catholic layman living in highly confusing times.  I originally thought the underlying theme of the thing would be the on-going conversion all of us experience every day.  In fact, as the url hints, I intended to name the blog In Conversion.  In other words, I would leave the theme in a rather general state in order to cover a multitude of topics.

But, according to all the experts the thing that must be done is to narrow the theme of a blog to one or two specific topics.  This is for a couple of reasons.  First, so readers know what to expect, second, to make it rather  easier on the author and allow him or her to build up some expertise on the topic.  These experts also advise tying the name and url of the blog to the theme.

I’m doing neither of these with this blog, hence my worry. I’ve thought of a couple of solutions to my problem.  The easiest one that comes to mind is, forget the url and just rename the blog.  The more difficult one is to start all over with a new blog focused on just one or two ideas. To help calm my stress, I’ve decided to leave it up to you.  Would you take a couple of minutes and please complete the little poll I’ve devised to help determine the future of the blog?  I am grateful for your help.


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