Entrails Wrenched Asunder


God is one, and Christ is one, and His Church is one, and the faith is one, and the people is joined into a substantial unity of body by the cement of concord. Unity cannot be severed; nor can one body be separated by a division of its structure, nor torn into pieces, with its entrails wrenched asunder by laceration. Whatever has proceeded from the womb cannot live and breathe in its detached condition, but loses the substance of health.

(De catholicae ecclesiae unitate, 23) St. Cyrpian of Carthage.

Given what I wrote last week about the Synod, I think you have to wonder if the Church is in danger of having its entrails wrenched asunder. I’ve read several writers whom I admire, including Fathers Ray Blake and Dwight Longnecker, who make the point that, even if the Synod has changed nothing, was incapable of changing anything in Church teaching, it may have considerable impact on the ability of local bishops and priests to practice the Truth of the faith. Another way of looking at it, those who wound wrench the entails of the Church asunder may have won the war while losing the battle. I hope not. I’ve gone back and forth in terms of what I’m thinking about the Church over the last two weeks, and I do have hope for the very long term, but the short term may provide an unusually bumpy ride.

Today is the memorial of St. Anthony Mary Claret, founder of the Claretians.

“Our Lord has created persons for all states in life, and in all of them we see people who achieved sanctity by fulfilling their obligations well.”

I guess, with the titles of the posts for the last two weeks, you might think I’m beginning to come a bit unglued, becoming too preoccupied with blood and gore and such, and what with the world seeming to spin out of control, you could be excused for thinking so. But I promise, it’s mere coincidence. Besides, that’s what the Fathers wrote.

Please offer your prayers and condolences for the Canadian soldiers killed this week in two separate terrorist attacks. My mother was Canadian, born in Grimsby, Ontario, and her family roots go pretty deep there, so beyond the human tragedy of the events themselves, I understand the shock and sorrow so many Canadians must be feeling right now. Please keep the soldiers and the nation in your prayers.

We’re having a very mild fall without quite as much color as in past years. I’m guessing it’s because of the cool, wet, summer we enjoyed this year. There is now a semi-permanent layer of snow at the top of Pikes Peak, a sure sign of winter’s approach, and leaves have finally begun to drop. I’m looking forward to the change of season.

It’s been a tumultuous week, a seemingly busy, week that’s now coming to an end. I have had to force myself to slow down a bit; when, being retired, I’m feeling nearly as stressed and hurried as when I was working, I know it’s time to snap out of it. Thus, the end of this weekly post is at hand.


A 7 Quick Takes post hosted by Jennifer Fulwiler of the Conversion Diary blog.


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