Big with Wonder


A 7 Quick Takes post as hosted at the This Ain’t the Lyceum blog.

“Because philosophy arises from awe, a philosopher is bound in his way to be a lover of myths and poetic fables. Poets and philosophers are alike in being big with wonder.”
Thomas Aquinas

I heard about this on Jenniful Fulwiler’s radio show on the Catholic Channel and thought I would share it – a list, from FOCUS of the 5 Best Free Catholic Apps. Much as I dislike overuse of electronic toys, there’s no avoiding the fact that many people use their phones and tablets for almost everything these days. So, might as well use them to help grow your faith. The five apps according to FOCUS are:

1) iBreviary, an app for praying the Liturgy of the Hours;
2) FOCUS Equip, an app for boosting you apologetics skills;
3) The Pope App, all about the Pope;
4) Mea Culpa, an app to help you make a better confession;
5) Truth & Life, an audio version of the RSV-CE version of the Bible, so you can listen to the Bible in the car or when when you’re out running, or whatever else.

You can find the list, and fuller explanations, HERE.

However, that list wouldn’t be my recommend best free apps. For one thing, the Mea Culpa app is nowhere to be found on the Apple app venue. So, here’s my list of the five best free Catholic apps:

1. IBreviary
2. Laudate: this is an app that has the daily Mass readings, info on the saint of the day, and podcast reflections from Pope Benedict, and much more;
3. Universalis, daily readings, Catholic calendar, Liturgy of the Hours, and more;
4. Three Minute Retreat, a 3 minute Ignatian type retreat from Loyola Press;
5. Confession, an app to assist in confession and keep track of when you last confession was made.

Work has intruded again this week, but I have managed to get a bit of a schedule in place and that helps with maintaining all my important commitments in retirement life. For example, this past Sunday, we attended a recital by the Ute Pass Chamber Players in Woodland Park and it was quite enjoyable. I’d never heard of the group but my clarinet instructor is a member and they were doing Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet, a beautiful piece, and I had to go hear it. They did a brilliant job and I’m very happy we were able to attend. I wish there were more groups like that in our area, but I guess the market just isn’t there..

Lent is fast approaching and once again I’m having trouble realizing how fast time is passing. It seems like we just took down the Christmas tree. I can’t help but wonder if time seems to pass so much faster these days because of all the technology we make use of. I know, in my own field of accounting, the software and services available electronically, not to mention spreadsheets and databases, make it possible to do so much more, so much faster, than could have been done when I first began my career, it would have seemed impossible back then. When everything was done by hand, the days were lived at a noticeably slower pace and the sense of urgency to have things done NOW just wasn’t realistic. Are we better off?

We’ve had some wonderful, mild weather for the last two or three weeks, with only one or two bouts of snow. After a rather rough November and December, it’s been a delight just to get outside with just a fleece jacket on my back, or without a jacket of any kind, and see the sun. Like all good things, however, we are soon to pay the price, with the predictors now calling for up to three inches of snow on Sunday night and through Monday.

The downside to all this cyclical weather is that the roads in our fair burgh are paying the price. Previously pitiful potholes are becoming monstrous, car swallowing chasms, and the city seems unable to make a dent in keeping pace with mother nature. Ahhhhhhh, springtime in the Rockies.


Muhammed Ali once said, “Silence is golden when you can’t think of a good answer.” It’s also golden when you can’t think of a 7th Quick Take. Until next week then.


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