My Conversion Story

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My conversion story has been published by the Coming Home Network and I hope you’ll get a chance to visit their website and read it. You can find it here. This is the first thing I’ve ever had “published” and I sincerely hope that it might be helpful to those considering coming into the Church.

If you watch the Journey Home on EWTN or read conversion stories, there’s a common theme that many converts bring up that there was some element of the things being taught in their church that seemed out of sync with what they believed as Christians. Even more commonly, I think, something prompts many converts to begin reading the Early Church Fathers and they find the Church there. Either path commonly leads to lots of reading and difficult study. If there’s a theme that I hope readers of my story would see, it’s that the path to the Church doesn’t have to involve a lot of difficult theological study and many years of other reading, not that these things aren’t good, they are. But sometimes, for someone seeking the Truth about God and the Church, it can simply be a matter of following their heart and trying to allow the Spirit to work in their lives; no amount of reading can replace simply knowing God’s love and following where He leads. It can be quite simple.

If you are thinking about coming into the Church and would like to discuss it, I’d be happy to hear from you.

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2 thoughts on “My Conversion Story

  1. I struggle with baptism and doubt a lot. I wasn’t baptized and so it’s difficult for me and because of my doubt it makes it harder and I feel like God doesn’t want me to experience grace and so I feel as if God’s left me for dead.

    1. That’s never the case. It’s very difficult to overcome doubt, I know that from experience. I also know that God can feel very far off for extended periods of time. In my own experience, and this hasn’t been easy for me, the best way to overcome it is to try to spend some time in prayer each time, even if it’s only a couple of minutes and only to ask Him to show Himself to you, and read a familiar passage of Scripture each day. You might try that.

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